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What is Quail Run? We are Alison Cantrell and Julie Swearingen, two editors who decided to join forces to offer the most comprehensive editing, marketing, and publicity to independent and self-published authors and small presses.

Alison and Julie both attended Portland State University’s master’s program in book publishing, where they worked for the student-run Ooligan Press. Both have a background in editing and marketing, which creates a wonderful perspective to assist authors through the often confusing world of publishing.

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We provide comprehensive services for every aspect of publishing, from in-depth developmental editing to detailed copyediting to marketing and publicity. We are the perfect team for independent authors and small publishing houses.


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stories that we’ve hatched!

VoiceCatcher Journal

VoiceCatcher is an online journal that supports, inspires, and empowers female-identified writers and artists. Alison is now the president and has served as an editor and managing editor; Julie is currently a managing editor.



The marriage of editing and marketing may seem like an unlikely match, but they inform each other many levels. In book publishing, the editing stages shape the story and therefore affect how the book will be marketed to the public. Editing and marketing are both audience-oriented processes, and as we move fluently between these two areas, we are able to look at your project from multiple perspectives and offer you a range of services that will contribute to shaping your project into its best possible form.

Developmental Editing

Often the first step of editing after you complete a manuscript, a developmental edit (DE) can be one to three rounds and is collaborative—we work with the authors as a dialogue, to strengthen your piece and your writing overall.


A copyedit (CE), at minimum, will address grammar, spelling, adherence to a recognized style guide (such as The Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Stylebook, or a house style guide when working with a publisher), and, in some cases, fact-checking of names, events, quotes, etc.


A proofread catches any errors introduced during final revisions or during the design process—as well as any remaining grammar or punctuation issues, misspellings, dropped words, and other typos.


We analyze your social media usage and look for marketing opportunities. We can create press releases, newsletters, and social media copy.

Agents and Publisher Pitching

We’ll work with you to craft an engaging synopsis of your book. We’re intimately familiar with indie publishers in the Portland area, and we’ll help you compose a thorough pitch list of agents and publishers that are the best fit for your book.



We support authors and book projects at every stage of development. These pricing tables will give you an idea of our services. Please contact us for an initial consultation.


Editing Consultation Free
Manuscript Evaluation $1,000 for 75K words or fewer
Full Developmental Edit Varies by manuscript
Proofreading $1,000 for 75K words or fewer
Other Services and Longer Manuscripts Contact for a quote


Marketing Evaluation (2-hour consultation) $50.00
Beginner Marketing Package (20 hours) $500.00
Social Media Coaching (20 hours) $500.00
Social Media Upgrade (40 hours) $1,000.00
As-Needed Marketing Assistance $25.00/hour
All Other Services Contact for a quote



We’ve created packages based on standard services every author needs. We’re here to support authors at every stage in their project.

New Author Package

For a new author, we offer a selection of our services from each stage of the process, from editing to marketing to pitching. This includes the following services:

  • Two rounds of DE.
  • Beginner marketing services.
  • Publisher and agent pitch letters—two templates.
  • Cost: Varies by manuscript; please contact for a quote.

Agent and Publisher Pitches

• We’ll work with you to craft an engaging synopsis of your book that can be used for pitch letters or back cover copy.
• We’re intimately familiar with indie publishers in the Portland area as well as resources to research agents and publishers based on your genre; we’ll help you compose a thorough pitch list of agents and publishers that are the best fit for your book.
• Cost: Billed hourly.


Cover and Interior Design Contractors

• We have a curated list of talented cover and interior designers we can refer you to. Portfolios available upon request.
• Cost: Varies by designer.


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