In addition to my role as the events manager at Roundabout Books, I am also the consignment manager. I can, and will, write several blogs about this topic, but to start, I want to give some brief advice to authors interested in consignment with a bookstore.

  1. If the guidelines say they accept “local” authors and give a distance range, expect that you living in another state might be reason they decline your book.
  2. If you self-published and there are grammar errors in the online synopsis, I have to assume that there are errors in the book.
  3. If you drop off unsolicited books, especially without a way to contact you, they may end up on a donation pile or in the trash.

As a bookseller, this is the only aspect of my job that I dislike. Please know that I am not trying to hurt anyone, but I answer to an owner and the space available in the store. Before you email a store, please check those consignment polices.